Simulation software


SIM FACTOR is the manufacturer of its self-developed simulation software which enables the user to create a world with full rail and urban infrastructure. Our software provides not only first-class visual effects but also an editor of the virtual world or rail routes. The simulation system provides a comprehensive module for virtual railway traffic management, the possibility to plan the route path and ETCS simulation module.


The key features of our software are:

  • Complete simulation world with people, animals, passengers, railway traffic, cars/trucks traffic;
  • Innovative editor of the world allowing interference with the simulation world at the level of not only railway routes but also the surroundings, landscape and architecture;
  • An extensive system of managing the weather, temperature (evaporation), insolation (glare effect) or impact of the weather on the environment (wheel slip);
  • UHD system for image display which allows 360-degree view;
  • Over 1000 km of built-in railway routes with a base of routes available to all our customers;
  • Full compliance with EU law, requirements and scenarios recommended by the Polish Office of Rail Transport;
  • The possibility to record a training session;
  • Full compliance with GDPR standards.


Currently, core technology incorporates modules addressing the needs of the rail sector and allowing full-range simulation taking into account weather conditions, representation of rail infrastructure, rail traffic control devices, safety devices (SHP, CA, ETCS levels 1 and 2), radio-communication, steering devices and diagnostic systems of traction vehicles.


Active cooperation with other entities on the market enables the company to prepare for enriching its technology with rail traffic control systems used in former Soviet republics (Lithuania, Georgia, Ukraine etc.) and rail traffic control systems used in India and the neighbouring countries.

A considerable advantage of the company is its comprehensive self-developed dispersed simulation system which enables the creation of simulators and other products related to virtual and expanded realities.

The technology is fully scalable and with its module architecture it may be adjusted to be used in civil training simulators, holographic systems for critical infrastructure operation support as well as for the creation of e.g. computer games.

With partial financing from the National Centre for Research and Development (as part of Gameln programme) SIM FACTOR technology has obtained additional algorithms and tools which offer advanced GIS functionalities for automation of world virtualisation using real data.