SMART Simulator

Train driver’s panel

The possibility to reproduce any train driver’s panel. Adaptation to UIC-612 standard. Complete physical representation of control and safety devices. Made to the highest standards. Full compliance with regulations and recommendations of railway market regulators. Various types of vehicles may be started on SMART panel. The panel is also equipped with radio and intercom.

Compact solution

SMART simulator is a self-developed project of SIM FACTOR designed for the private sector and the education sector. The simulator may start simultaneous simulation in 5 SMART cabins to one trainer station. With this solution it is possible to change panel elements to adjust them to different types of vehicles and control manners. SMART system provides an autonomous sound and windscreen display system as well as HMI devices.

Only the best

SMART simulator comes with complete SIM FACTOR software, in particular as regards world and vehicles editor, full catalogue of atypical events and a database of railway routes. SMART can run ETCS simulation module and eco-driving. The trainer station is equipped with all the element available to full-cabin simulators. We use only 4K displays with minimum refresh rate of 60Hz.

For whom

SMART simulator is a perfect solution for private train drivers training centre, small and medium carriers, as well as for railway schools and other entities associated with the secondary and technical level of education. Optimum solution in terms of size and applied technology as well as attractive price make SMART simulator a perfect choice for the first and fully equipped simulator for an organisation.


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