FULL-CABIN Simulator

Highest immersion

We use solutions which involve full cabin reproduction. With an ultralight aluminium frame as a basis we build both replicas of vehicle cabins and dedicated installations compliant with railway industry standards. The replicas have all the elements, just like the real vehicle. The 180-degree view means complete simulation of side windows together with virtual side mirrors.

Motion platform

Each cabin simulator is ready to have a six degree of freedom motion platform installed. The platform makes it possible to model the physics of the vehicle and all the forces which affect the train driver’s cabin while driving and during atypical events (such as trainset derailment). Managing the platform gives an option of adjusting the forces affecting the vehicle depending on the chosen configuration of the virtual vehicle started at a given time by the instructor. The platform also adjusts itself in a dynamic way to the size of the trainset and to multiple operations.

High-tech simulation

The cabin simulator has its own sound system enabling realistic rendering of sounds and vehicle surroundings. Each cabin simulator is also equipped with such elements as mechanical ventilation or the train driver’s chair and footrest adjustment to vehicle type. Moreover, in the cabins there are often driver’s assistant’s station and a touch screen presenting the rest of the locomotive elements which need to be operated by the train driver, such as low voltage boards etc. The cabin also has a virtual radio (with GSM-R) and intercom. Modulated contact with train dispatcher/instructor is ensured.

For whom

The cabin solution is dedicated for customers who are looking for the highest-standard simulation solutions. The simulator retrofitted with motion platform ensures the highest possible level of immersion. This type of solution is available to customer from both the public and the commercial sector seeking the most advanced railway simulators.


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